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Theta Communication is all about building the Theta Network at a hardware level across the globe in geographically diverse locations to improve reach and decentralization of the network. Each Edge Node will be running on high performance dedicated servers and dedicated workstations, meeting a minimum standard in terms of number of cores, RAM, NVMe storage, and network connection. The purpose of this is to build a solid and powerful backbone across the globe for the Theta network to run on. This will help us reach global adoption more quickly and make it easier for new clients to onboard.
Theta Communications has already been working hard to be the number one Theta Edge Network across the globe to support the success of the Theta project. For proof refer to the following table and see “HubEZ” who is the founder of Theta Communications on top of the list as the top ranking team member. The goal for Theta Communications is to bring significant edge relaying, edge computing, edge storage, and whatever future hardware and network needs Theta and Theta Labs requires for the project to succeed across the globe. After much success with Folding@Home, we are excited and ready for the next tasks our Edge Compute nodes will be working on to service the massive clients we foresee adopting the Theta Network.

Theta Communications is also developing some projects and services that will bring more use cases and adoption to the Theta network. These will be announced in the near future.
Although Theta Communications is not yet charging staking commissions, we do plan to do so in the near future with some options available as it is quite costly to build our network. Theta Communications commits to reinvesting a minimum of 2/3 of all future staking commissions back into infrastructure and project/service development.

Staking with us supports your investment by building out a stable enterprise-grade network across the globe with the mission to have 100% uptime on all nodes, and each node having sufficient resources to handle the needs of the network.

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